As an introduction to this website I would like to talk about my experiences with Pattaya Girls since I was a newbie to Pattaya up until a few months ago but got in with the Pattaya internet crowd and met up with some Expats and friends while flying alone. From what I can tell everybody has their own preferences when choosing Thai girls to date with while on a Pattaya holiday whether they like to spend time at the Pattaya bars every night or meet a girl at the nightclubs.

Lucifer Nightclub on Walking Street is always a venue for great live entertainment if you like pop style music anyway. Sorry the sound quality wasn't captured at its best here but I thought you would want to see these beautiful Pattaya girls crowding around the rap performer since it was his birthday! filmed May 2011.

The site has recently seen the implementation of a phpbb forum which is completed and users can register and post comments on different threads about their own Pattaya experiences, share tips and find travel buddies. I have researched current websites that offer information on Pattaya but many are too close-knit where new members find it hard to engage in conversation with already established Pattaya friends. I also signed up at a site called Travbuddy prior to my Pattaya holiday and I found this site had only information on Thailand in general.

Having a long distance relationship with a Thai Girl?

OK, so I know many 'Farrang' guys in Pattaya and Thailand in general who fall in love whilst out there and plan on returning to marry the Pattaya girl of their dreams.

While I decided to put this page together with some tips on staying in contact and making it easy for the both of you to keep a relationship intact.

Firstly most of you will know about the dozens of internet cafe's around Pattaya, this is a good thing for you since most are open 24hrs. What you might not know about is Skype, it is simple to use and an assistant can help your girl set it up if she doesn't have an account. You can download it here.

Skype allows you both to talk for free and see each other provided you havea webcam and microphone, there is no download fee.

Secondly I know as soon as you got home to your own country and got over the jet lag, you either texted or called your Pattaya girl because you were gutted that you didn't have that unconditional affection anymore!

Well here's good news, you no longer have to spend a fortune texting or calling her on your mobile phone!

I will be posting the best resources here for cheap calls and free SMS on this page.

It took me a while to find but if you are calling from the UK all you need to do for cheap calls to Thailand is call this short code and following the instructions. Dial 290370 and it costs only 3p a minute!

How to Live & Work in the UK

Since we already have a section in the forum to discuss Pattaya girls Visa's for other countries I thought I would add this section with information that I've found.

Firstly I decided I would scan in some sections of a great book that I picked up cheap in a book store called 'The Works' in the UK. At present I only have information on Thai women entering the UK.

The best part about this book by Mathew Collins and Nicky Barclay is that it also has a revision section to help your partner pass the 'Life in the UK' test. The 'Life in the UK test' was established in 2002 and is now a requirement to give people entering the UK a head start so that they don't have a culture shock.

I also scanned the page to the right because it gives information on bringing a fiancé to the UK.

Here are some popular Thai chart songs. Since I have been in Pattaya and a girl has switched the TV on and found a music channel, these are the songs I have heard.

I searched on Youtube and actually found the exact song that was playing while in my room. Takatan Chollada is a talent female singer and I actually enjoyed Thai pop music because it has elements of talent such as instruments, not like Western stuff!

I'm sure I heard the second song being played outside the Hard Rock Cafe and it is by an artist called MV with 12 million views on Youtube.

So now you know some other music your Pattaya girls may be listening to, be sure to discuss this in the forum and share other suggestions!

An exquisite adventure in Thailand

It is not surprising that Thailand became one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Offering countless entertaining options, displaying amazing views and possessing a raw beauty that will harm you, Thailand is definitely a must-visit hot-spot. Here are some of the most popular things you should see and do if you travel to this remarkable country.

Have some fun with a Thai beauty

If you visit Thailand, you should see all the wonderful places within Bangkok. One of the most impressive tourist destinations is The Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho), which has a sumptuous décor and impressive statues that will inspire you. Numerous other temples will leave you speechless, including Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), The Golden Mount (Wat Saket) and the Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit).

The spectacular and dazzling Grand Palace will astonish you and it is undoubtedly the most famous landmark of Bangkok. It was the home of the Thai King, Royal court and administrative seat of government and this awesome building enchants the millions of tourists who come here each year. The craftsmanship and creativity of Thai people are wonderfully displayed in the intricate details and gorgeous architecture, things that you and your companion will admire at this building.

Travel to the North of Phuket, in Phang Nga Province and venture along the Phang Nga Bay, where it is located a unique site with sheer limestone cliffs that jump up vertically out of the green waters. If you hire a boat with you delightful companion from this escorts in London website, she will be just as charmed as you by the amazing landscapes. A leisure day trip cruising will recharge your batteries and you will gather enough energy for your next adventure within Thailand.

Get pampered with a Thai massage

Take a tour around the floating markets near Bangkok and savour some delicious, refreshing fruits from the locals. The rich colours within Talin Chan Market, Tha Kha and Bang Ku Wiang Market are stunning so you will sure enjoy the atmosphere even without haggling over prices. Try the local foods and drinks served in the most popular restaurants in Bangkok, relish with some fresh fish and prawn biryani, go to Lanta Animal Walfare then visit Thai Elephant Home for a unique adventure.

If you get tired because of all the strolls and unforgettable experiences, require a Thai massage from your tempting companion and make sure you will relax with her pampering touches. Savour your delicious adventure together, enter a nightclub and dance until the sun will rise again. Spend the morning after on a beach with golden sands, drink a fresh cocktail to banish your hangover and get ready for a day filled with new pleasures.

But you can also spend the day at the SPA, where Thai ladies will take care of you with various treatments, massages and therapies. Live life at its fullest, take pleasure in every moment and you will sure have an unforgettable adventure in Thailand. Establish your appointment with one of the beauties from Escorts and ask her to accompany you in your exquisite experience!